How to clear Associate Android Developer exam?

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13 thoughts on “How to clear Associate Android Developer exam?”

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  3. Hello, I am Moroccan and I am certified associate android developer since May 2017, I started to apply for companies looking for posts developer android in france but unfortunately no return of any company, is what you can give me tips to find A job with my certification, so I would like to know what are the advantages of being a member of the community alumni android developers google? thank you


    1. If you are new to android development and want to learn android, go for Udacity’s Android Nano Degree. If you know android already and want to prove your skills, go for Google Associate Android Developer Certification.


    1. No. $149 will buy you 3 tries. If you don’t clear the exam in the first try, you will get 2 more tries to clear the exam. If you are not able to clear the exam in 3 tries, you have to wait for the 6 months before appearing in the exam again and this time you have to pay again for the exam.


    1. TL;DR: 3 years
      This is what I fould at the end of terms and conditions before I started the exam:
      “In order to maintain my Certification status for each Certification I hold, I will need to recertify once every three (3) years starting from the applicable Certification date, and Google has no obligation to remind me of such a recertification deadline. Future Exams will reflect then-current development standards and practices, and I am solely responsible for staying educated and informed on relevant advancements in order to pass an Exam.”


    1. There are many benefits of contributing to open source project. You can learn new things from other smart people in the community by reading and understanding their code. You can also see and improve your code quality and how to write proper and appropriate code as you will able to see the code of developers around the globe.
      If you make your project open source, many people around the community may give you batter ways to doing particular tasks or may fix the bug which you were trying to fix since long. Also, everybody can read your code, you will definitely try to write neat and clean code with proper formatting and commenting.
      In short, It will improve your coding standard and you will able to learn lot many things from other community.😊

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