Open Source Projects

Android Ringtone Picker

Simple Ringtone Picker dialog which allows you to pick different sounds from ringtone, alarm tone, notification tone and music from external storage.


Open Weather API Wrapper is an Android wrapper for the APIs of This library handles all the network operations and parameter validation on behalf of the developer.

Android Hidden Camera

This library allows the application to take the picture using the device camera without showing the preview of it. Any application can capture the image from the front or rear camera from the background service and this library will handle all the complexity on behalf of the application. You can capture images from activity, fragment and even from the background service using this library.


This library provides smart handling of the screen on-off. This library prevents the screen from turning off if your user is looking at the screen might reading some textual content on the screen. As soon as the user stop looking at the screen it will allow phone screen to turn off.


UserAwareVideoView is a customizable VideoView that smartly play and pause the video based on your user is looking at the video or not. This uses Play Services Mobile Vision APIs to detect user’s eyes. If the user is not looking at the screen then this will automatically pause the video, so your user does not miss any part of the video.